Yes, while we are based in Australia, we aren’t going to discuss anything pertaining to us folks. Our only objective is to focus on what’s happening out in the world and most of it has to be online. For starters, we think the consumer market has slowly begun to explode with previously unheard of markets such as India and China opening up their net policies and new players taking a grasp over the market. It is only a matter of time before the big fishes try to steal the show there!

Moving on, we will also discuss a bit on products and in particular websites that have sprung up in an attempt to educate the consumers on how to buy, how to source information and above all what to buy. This may be called a super specific niche market online but to us, there are a few gems around that everyone ought to know of. This will remain our primary analytic goal and we will attempt at providing regular insights and updates on such sites.


How do we plan on finding such information, well we believe it is best to ask those present in other countries what sites they use to find their dream products. What better way to do this than surveys. Yes, that is what we base most of our research on. Once we get the survey results in, we then go on to find the one site in that particular niche which really stands out from the rest and offers legit information. That becomes our top pick and the one you eventually hear of from us. So stay tuned because we are about to get started in a few weeks.